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Who We Are

Marcelo Fleitas, Managing Director

marceloMarcelo Fleitas has been a professional recruiter for over 15 years. Beginning in 1998, he has served the placement needs of New York City technology companies and candidates. Concentrating primarily on high technology, software engineers, and web development, he has earned a deep knowledge and strong industry loyalty around his ability to identify, screen and place the best and brightest professionals at top firms in the city. Prior to founding übergig in 2009, Marcelo worked at several other premier recruiting firms in New York City, building teams of recruiters in multiple disciplines and recruitment categories. Born in Uruguay, Marcelo has lived in New York since the age of three and Marcelo attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for Computer Science. Marcelo is an avid Downhill Skier and Chess enthusiast. When he is not entertaining his clients, Marcelo spends his time playing chess with his 4 yr old.

John Melone, Director of Recruiting

John MeloneJohn Melone has been the Director of Recruiting at übergig since 2009. Prior to joining übergig, he was a senior recruiter at several other staffing firms in New York City. Focusing his entire career on web-based technology placement, he has worked with dozens of large corporations, including Disney, MetLife, CSC, Conde Nast, and Estée Lauder. John is an avid reader of several online sites related to technology, in order to maintain his skills and understanding of the latest technologies and skills needed in the market. John is a native New Yorker, and attended the College of Staten Island, majoring in Psychology. John is also formally trained in the dramatic arts and can be seen in Off-Broadway productions

Chris Breedlove, Technical Recruiter

Chris BreedloveChris Breedlove joined the übergig team in 2013. Born in Phoenix, Chris grew up in Seattle and Denver; he started hand-coding HTML websites and attended his first college courses in ASP and C++ while in high school. In 2004, Chris took his hobbyist’s passion for technology into the Navy, where he received specialized training in Aviation Electronics. An avid gamer, Chris attended Full Sail University for Game Design before returning to the civilian life in 2009, when he took his tech skills abroad, traveling throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East as a Field Engineer for a laser- and ultrasonic-inspection company. Chris attended college in Denver for Electronic Engineering before joining übergig in 2013. When not pounding keys or controllers (or rebuilding his PC) in his free time, Chris reads about a thousand pages per week of Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels (the darker, the better!), and enjoys making the world a funnier place with his moderate talent at impressions.

Chris Magdelinskas, Advisory Board Member

Chris MagdelinskasChris Magdelinskas is on the Advisory Board of ü, he advises on current trends in application development, business analysis and quality assurance disciplines of the technology agency. Previously Chris served as Vice President of Technology at Huge (an IPG Agency), where he was responsible for managing technology engagements, including conceptualization, planning and successful delivery of high-quality products and services for some of Huge’s largest clients. In his 17+ years of industry experience, Chris has served in multiple senior management roles including Chief Technology Officer at Digital Broadcasting Group, Senior Director of Digital Infrastructure at CBS College Sports, and Chief Technology Officer at UGO Networks. Chris’ expertise and projects include developing large-scale video, social networking, ecommerce, content management, and advertising platforms. A published author in industry trade journals, Chris received a Master of Arts (ALM) in Information Technology from Harvard University.

Aritz Bermejo, Advisory Board Member

AritzAritz Bermejo is on the Advisory Board of übergig. His primary role is to provide strategic direction and operational expertise. Aritz has a decorated management consulting career advising a wide variety of companies within diverse industries. Aritz began his consulting career in a boutique consultancy catering to enterprise clients in the financial services industry. After many years of client service, he founded his own successful consulting firm advising start-up and non-profit organizations. Most recently he has returned to providing strategy and operations consulting for enterprise clients, including multiple Fortune 10 companies. Aritz holds an MBA from the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College and BA from the State University of New York at Albany. Aritz is also an avid triathlete and martial artist, holding multiple black belts.

Patrice Diaz-Migoyo, Advisory Board Member

PatricePatrice Diaz-Migoyo is on the Advisory Board of übergig. Patrice comes to us from Ruder Finn, a Global Marketing and Public Relations agency in New York, where he held the position of SVP, Director of Technology and Product Solutions. These groups serviced Fortune 50 clients such as CITI, Metlife, and Novartis. Prior to this, he was a Partner in the game services company SMERC in Brooklyn, serving clients that included Nickelodeon and Dreamworks. His previous careers included Product Management and several CTO roles at New York startups. Patrice Holds an MBA from MIT Sloan, an MFA from Parsons School of Design, and a BS in Landscape Architecture from UC Davis. He lives in the West Village with his Chihuahua Coco.


What We Do

übergig is digital staffing & consulting done right. With over a decade of experience, our team represents the best talent in the market today.

Human Capital… Real Intelligence more…

Focusing on the “right fit” every time, our team maintains over a 90% success rate on offers by understanding our clients’ needs as well as the needs of our candidates. By making this a priority, our clients have been able to retain the talent we helped them find over the years. Here’s what our clients are saying:

Julie Gross, Resource Director at Huge
Over the past 5 years, Marcelo has been supporting my resourcing needs at 3 different companies. Marcelo and his team have successfully placed many candidates with me because he truly understands the digital agency world. Needs can change at a moment’s notice and he has been great at filling our most challenging roles. When feedback is provided, Marcelo  applies it, refining his team’s search and improving results. Unlike most recruiting agencies, Marcelo and his team focuses their time on fostering relationships with clients and candidates. He understands it is the most crucial aspect of doing business. While he is results driven, he is also easy to work with and makes the process enjoyable. I would highly recommend his service to anyone in need of tech recruiting.

Todd Ricker, Senior Manager at SunGard Global Services
I’ve worked with Marcelo on both sides of the staffing pipeline. In both scenarios I found him to be intelligent, patient and a straight shooter, traits that are not necessarily common in the technology staffing world.
I was placed at Conde Nast years ago by Marcelo. At Conde Nast and at NYSE Euronext I worked closely with Marcelo to fill vacancies. Marcelo always presented qualified and experienced candidates. I took on many of his candidates as consultants and full time employees with an extremely high success rate. The quality of his candidates and his easy-going personality are why I keep using Marcelo. I recommend him highly.

Alec Simonson, Director of Web Operations at HarperCollins Publishers
Marcello has been absolutely stellar at finding me the perfect candidates for my open positions. He has maintained personal oversight of the entire process, and hasn’t just “stocked bodies”. When I have opted to pass on a candidate, Marcello has taken the time to understand why, and subsequent interviews have reflected this understanding. One particular success of note: I had a position to fill on the other side of the country. The few resumes coming in from HR were dreadful. Marcello had me on the phone with a candidate in short time; and she seemed incredible. Flew out to meet her, and she WAS incredible. We hired her. One position, one resume, one cross-country flight, and we were all set. Take the time to work with Marcello – show him what your candidate will be doing, explain the environment and the culture; you’ll find it’s time very well spent. He’s got the unique talent!

Patrice Diaz-Migoyo, Senior Vice President – Technology at RFI Studios
I have been a client of Marcelo’s for 6 years while I was at various companies. He has always provided me with the highest quality candidates and excellent service. He maintains one of the largest network of candidates I know of, in all experience levels, from junior programmers to exeuctives. I highly recommend him as a staffing resource for propsective employers.


We work with the top companies, premier agencies, and most promising startups in the New York area. Below are just a few of our clients; the list is always growing.

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Our Services

ü is our consulting agency group. Our clients occasionally come to us with specific project-based needs, not individual staffing needs. We formed ü to service these needs directly.

iOS-Logo Android-Logo HTML5-Logo drupal-logo-text django-logo-positive python

We are a full service agency with services that include a complete range of mobile, rich media, commerce and transactional system applications. We are technology agnostic, working with most open web standards and platform technologies. We work in an agile methodology, integrating the disciplines of software engineering, user experience, content strategy and design in tightly controlled cycles to produce usable products quickly. We then iterate through increasing functionality, getting to market faster, with fewer defects, than traditional functional specification-based development.

Core competencies include:

Advanced Drupal development

We are fluent in many popular platforms and CMSes. But we have the deepest experience in developing deep and wide, content-heavy Drupal products. Drupal is a complex and powerful product that requires intimate knowledge of its themes and node structures to fully realize the enterprise-class power of the platform.

Mobile platform development

We specialize in responsive, full featured HTML5 web apps, which function identically on smartphones, tablets, and full-size computers. We also can adapt your existing traditional web-based apps to fully responsive mobile apps for accelerated mobile market presence. We are deeply fluent in native iOS and Android platforms as well, if deep hardware integration is a requirement.

Custom application development

Sometimes a pre-built CMS is not enough. You have a custom workflow, and you need a custom application to match. Building your application in Django or Rails will let us tailor every workflow and every section to your specifications. You won’t have to settle or compromise on requirements – this is your application, so you make the rules. For very complex application stacks, we use Java, Scala and Go to do the heavy lifting as necessary.

————————– CASE STUDIES —————————–

RFI, MetLife


Metlife approached Ruder Finn to overhaul several significant systems for their internal
transaction and employee service components and to rebrand the Global Technology and
Operations group by building a new, optimized external website. Ruder Finn subsequently
reached out to übergig to help with the development and rollout of the external site, The timeline was extremely aggressive and the technology had
to be built from the ground up including spinning up the entire
development/staging/production infrastructure. We also had to navigate an extremely large
and diverse client base of highly disparate opinions. The end result is a fully responsive,
modern website with a full custom CMS for continuous client updates. Read the full case study.


We’re talking, are you listening?



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National Average for Time to Fill Open Positions is Now the Longest Since 2001

Have you recently experienced what you felt was an unreasonable delay in the hiring process? You sent over your resume five days ago – why haven’t you gotten a call? You had your interview last week – why isn’t your recruiter or HR giving you feedback? You start to wonder, Do they hate my resume? Did I misspell ‘accommodate’ in that email? I shouldn’t have worn that shirt.

Don’t worry; it may not be you (unless that shirt was really, really bad). The average time to fill an open position in the United States is now 25 days – the longest it has been in thirteen years. For those of us in the information technology field, this is even more alarming when you realize that time is the average across all industries; in the IT industry, it’s closer to 40 days – over 60% greater than the national average.

We don’t mean to imply that companies aren’t willing to hire. On the contrary, over the past twelve months, businesses reported 55.7 million hires – a net gain of 2.4 million over last year. So what is the problem? Is it the perfect candidate hypothesis? Is it a shortage of workers with STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) skills?

John Zappe of SourceCon has a few thoughts, following a report that DICE recently released on the topic:


“The time to fill open positions has reached a national average of just about 25 days, the lengthiest job vacancy period in the 13 years covered by the DICE‐DFH Vacancy Duration Measure.

The monthly report on time to fill and recruiting efforts says that on average it took 24.9 working days (Monday-Saturday) in June to post, source, and hire a new employee. That’s more than nine days longer than it took at the height of the recession in July 2009. Then, the average was 15.3 working days.

The report produced by careers sites publisher Dice Holdings Inc. follows a report Tuesday from the Labor Department on job openings and turnover. The report showed…”

Full article

Think of LinkedIn as Your First Interview

Your resume is professional and written well. But like most people, you feel it only reflects a part of you. Keeping your resume this way is key as most job recruiters only spend an average of six seconds looking at your resume. Hopefully, employers will spend a litle more time and at least try to discover more about you the person vs what jobs you have held and what technical skills you possess.

Well with social media in full swing, having a personality and showing all facets of yourself can be had.  Think of LinkedIn as your first interview. Yes it will of course reflect the majority of your resume, but you can insert culture, personality, and other things you normally would not put on a resume.

Take a tip from Steve Johnson, VP of  User Experience at LinkedIn:

images (37)

“Steve Johnson, LinkedIn’s VP of user experience, is the guy in charge of designing the site’s look, feel, and function.

Naturally, he’s a LinkedIn whiz, and in a recent interview he shared his favorite tip for members: Don’t be afraid to show your personality.

“LinkedIn profiles aren’t like the printed resumes of old,” he says, “You can bring your professional story to life. We are giving you the opportunity to share your career aspirations, showcase your unique character and what you bring to the culture of your company.”

You can give your profile some extra flair by…..”

Full article

How to Turn a Bad Interview Around

We have all been there; an interview goes south quickly and we feel there is no way to stay in good graces or consideration.

Well there are things you can do to turn a negative meeting into a positive. Here is an article that explores your opportunities to at least save face and perhaps get you back into consideration:

download (2)

“No job seeker ever wants an interview to go badly. But even the most seasoned candidates can find themselves in a situation where they know the hiring manager isn’t impressed. Whether you start talking in circles, accidentally say the wrong thing or just get nervous and blank out on a question, sometimes your interview doesn’t go the way you planned.

Getting negative reactions — or no reactions at all — from an interviewer is certainly discouraging, but it doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. In fact, making a concerted effort to turn the interview around could end up being your saving grace.

“If the candidate remains calm and confident……”

Full article


What is it about us humans that make us so spectacular, but in many cases so flawed. Is it free will ? Is it a design flaw? Perhaps we will never know for sure, but eliminating bad habits and character flaws can only come from practice.

I for one hate the stigmatism of what people knew about me. It seems that i am forever that person in a box. So when it comes time  to descibing me, people pull out that box and believe they have all the answers.

Since life is in a state of flux, change is inevitable. So why not change yourself, habits, and behaviors to create more positive boxes that people will always seem to put you in.

You can’t always change what people in your past think of you, but you can formulate what new people you meet think of you.

Here are some things not to do in order to not mess up your career:

“Careers aren’t made overnight, but a few mistakes can easily derail your career pretty quickly. Whether you’re complacent in your current position, or you’re swept up in office politics, there are many snafus seasoned professionals can run into.

“People make a lot of mistakes in their careers, some are small and can be recovered from with an apology or the passage of time,” says  Julie Bauke, career strategist, president of The Bauke Group, and author of Stop Peeing on our Shoes: Avoiding the 7 Mistakes that Screw Up your Job Search.  “Others can fully derail your career and your reputation.”

From blowing off networking opportunities to aligning with the wrong colleague, here’s a look at the five damaging career mistakes to avoid:


1. Not taking advantage of the tools at hand

When taking on a new role, most people set their goals on doing a great job, learning as much as possible and hopefully moving up to a higher position. But often people fail at meeting these goals, simply because they don’t take advantage of the tools and resources that are readily at their disposable. “We offer a lot of really great training tools, a lot of which are offered online,” says Christy Palfy, recruiting manager at Progressive. “Yet a lot of people don’t sign up and take advantage of that training.” By utilizing any tools available to you, you are able to stretch in the job you have today but also advance within the company because you have learned new skills.


2. Being focused solely on your job

You want to do a great job in your current position and you want to show you’re a hard worker, but the work can’t stop once you leave the office.  Many people are “working for the weekend” and as a result miss opportunities ….”

Full article


Mama Always Said to Keep My Big Mouth Shut

My parents used to tell me all the time to keep my big mouth shut. You’ve heard the euphemisms like “Don’t spill the beans” or “Loose lips sink ships”; well it is all true for a reason. Granted we are social beings, but when you want to get something like a job you need to squash that socail butterfly, think carefully of what is being asked and then respond in a like manner. According to  Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author; people are just not getting the message.



“Aside from submitting a resume full of typos, the quickest way to be eliminated from consideration for a new job is making an avoidable interview blunder — like putting your foot in your mouth.

“Every year we see more surveys and polls come out listing some of the crazy things that candidates do or say in job interviews,” says Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of “You Can’t Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work.” “So, it’s very clear that some people still haven’t received the memo: What you say in an interview matters immensely. It’s your audition!”

Hiring managers use the interview to gauge your fit for the job, your creativity, your ability to think on your feet, your emotional intelligence, and your attitude — so it’s important to remember that it’s not just what you say that counts, it’s also how you say it. “Your tone of voice and body language will be watched closely as yet another indicator as to your overall fitness for the job at hand,” says Kerr.

Here are 13 things you should never say in a job interview….”

Full article

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