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In today’s world you must sell yourself, your skills, and your prospects in order to get a job or build a loyal customer brand. But more importantly, listening is a part of social interaction that we all tend to forget.

Even during an interview it is important to show your future employer that you have concerns for them and are thinking critically about their business. That is why listening skills come in handy so much.

Here is a great article that touches on the subject, and for further study you might have a go of the, (click here), Socratic Selling Method.



“Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have yet to hone their listening skills–and it could be working against them.

If you take the time to hear what others have to say–particularly your employees and customers, whose feedback is invaluable–you will build a loyal following for your brand. But be careful not to judge or criticize; just simply listen.

Here are five techniques to do so more effectively….”

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