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What is it about us humans that make us so spectacular, but in many cases so flawed. Is it free will ? Is it a design flaw? Perhaps we will never know for sure, but eliminating bad habits and character flaws can only come from practice.

I for one hate the stigmatism of what people knew about me. It seems that i am forever that person in a box. So when it comes time  to descibing me, people pull out that box and believe they have all the answers.

Since life is in a state of flux, change is inevitable. So why not change yourself, habits, and behaviors to create more positive boxes that people will always seem to put you in.

You can’t always change what people in your past think of you, but you can formulate what new people you meet think of you.

Here are some things not to do in order to not mess up your career:

“Careers aren’t made overnight, but a few mistakes can easily derail your career pretty quickly. Whether you’re complacent in your current position, or you’re swept up in office politics, there are many snafus seasoned professionals can run into.

“People make a lot of mistakes in their careers, some are small and can be recovered from with an apology or the passage of time,” says  Julie Bauke, career strategist, president of The Bauke Group, and author of Stop Peeing on our Shoes: Avoiding the 7 Mistakes that Screw Up your Job Search.  “Others can fully derail your career and your reputation.”

From blowing off networking opportunities to aligning with the wrong colleague, here’s a look at the five damaging career mistakes to avoid:


1. Not taking advantage of the tools at hand

When taking on a new role, most people set their goals on doing a great job, learning as much as possible and hopefully moving up to a higher position. But often people fail at meeting these goals, simply because they don’t take advantage of the tools and resources that are readily at their disposable. “We offer a lot of really great training tools, a lot of which are offered online,” says Christy Palfy, recruiting manager at Progressive. “Yet a lot of people don’t sign up and take advantage of that training.” By utilizing any tools available to you, you are able to stretch in the job you have today but also advance within the company because you have learned new skills.


2. Being focused solely on your job

You want to do a great job in your current position and you want to show you’re a hard worker, but the work can’t stop once you leave the office.  Many people are “working for the weekend” and as a result miss opportunities ….”

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